"Just before the COVID-19 shutdown, I had the tremendous good fortune to stumble upon one of the most interesting local businesses on Oahu –Waimanalo Lumber & Millworks (WL&M).

The story begins with the completion of a She-Shed  in our back yard at the end of 2019.  After installing a day-bed, air-conditioner,and a wall-mounted TV, the only piece that was missing was a long, narrow desktop for a home office workspace.  

Because the workspace is larger and narrower than a standard-size desk, I decided to commission a custom-made tabletop.  An online search for local woodworkers, brought me WL&M.  When I called, I was advised that they have multiple species of wood in stock and that all I need to do is come down to the gallery to select my wood and give them the project dimensions. So I hopped in my truck and drove deep into the heart of Waimanalo.  The shop and associated lumber mill are spectacularly located at the base of the Ko’olaus.  

Upon arrival I was greeted by Elmer Maner, a burly,welcoming man who is one of the owners. Elmer first guided me into the gallery which displayed some of the incredible, absolutely gorgeous wood- working pieces his team had created.  He then led me on to the wood inventory,which consisted of stacks of unfinished lumber from myriad tropical wood species including mango, monkey-pod, koa, albizia, opiuma, false kamani, Kiawe,and Lychee.  Upon selecting my lumber, Elmer showed me the wood workingshop, where his team would be constructing my table.  I gave him the project specs and left completely in awe of the incredible capabilities of this shop. A few weeks later, Elmer texted me to tell me that my table was ready.  Once again, I hopped in my truck and headed to Waimanalo. When Elmer showed me my tabletop, it was beautiful."

-John Robinson